Nearly everyone thinks of going to the beach, lake, or ocean when going on a vacation…and many decorate at least one room or area in their homes to remind them of the relaxing fun times when they are relaxing with toes in the sand. How do you do it?

There are many ways to bring the coastal, tropical, beach feeling to your hoe or business. Simple wall art or sculptures or sea shells are easy to do either in a bathroom or main living area or throughout the whole house! (If you are decorating with our products lol) Also cool calming sea foam green, aqua blue, or similar will colors along with the decor can give the beach or coastal feel. Furniture and lamps in wicker or tropical colors are also an addition but since we are talking decor we will stay with decorations for now. Pick your pleasure! Did you go on vacations and enjoy seeing dolphins? Add some to your decor! Did you go to a fun Pirate fest or just like the pirate theme? We have fun Pirate decorations and gifts! Mermaids are your fantasy or pleasure or you just simply enjoy them? Yep we have them and a fantastic collection…many designed and produced by Captain Jim, our founder! You enjoy boating or sailing? Dont think of just a ship model…get things that remind you of the sea, river, or lake! Buoys, portholes, liferings, signs, cleats, and more! Sealife inspires you? We have many to choose from to decorate your space. Want to decorate a man cave or coastal bar? Oh yeahhhhh we can add with things that will make your friends and relatives say “Where in the world did you find that?” Yes we have barware too! Have kids and want to decorate in a coastal theme or mermaid theme or pirate theme? We have many fun things to add to the room! Outdoor decorating on the deck, lanai, porch is very popular. Many but not all of our items can go outdoors. Also great in the front entrance or garden! So you see, decorating in a tropical, coastal, beach theme anywhere in your home or outside your home is easily possible. Decorate with things you enjoy to see that remind you of a happy place!

By the way, speaking of decorating, we supply many seafood restaurants, movie productions, tv series sets, dentist offices, and even commercial buildings wanting a cool theme or something unique to add. So put on some island music, and enjoy shopping our very unique store!