Captain Jim is the creator /designer of many of our exclusive products!  Days/weeks/and months of drawings, revisions, planning, and creating are involved in the process.  Click below to see the wonder and thought prices that starts with an idea and months later becomes a reality.

Captain Jim here…I have been involved with boating and fishing since I was a young man…always fascinated with the sea, rivers, lakes, and the beach. Im always thinking of unusual and interesting products that are different than what you see in the marketplace…and here is the basic process in creating and designing my products. Below is an example of the creation process for the fiberglass resin items I create.

It starts with an idea a concept. I make rough drawings and jot down ideas when I can let my mind wonder…quite often during the long flights to Asia where the real magic happens. Once I have gth idea and rough drawing I redo the drwing so it better represents my idea and forward it to my manufacturer. They take ny ideas and drawings and their artists redo it to make it more clean as I am much more creative than artistic lol. Then the revision process starts as I change things with drawings until it looks the way I envision in my mind. Once the drawing is finalized I decide on what size I want to product to be and the drawing is blown up to the actual size.

The next process depending on ho0w large the item is cut out of a large block of Styrofoam much like cutting an ice carving although its just to get the basic “rough” design in 3-D. At this time usually a couple months have been invested in the product.Once the styro is done in basic form its costed with clay. This is where the item starts to take shape. Everything is hand molded and in many cases long days and weeks are invested in finalizing the product by hand until it looks just as imagined. In the case of mermaids I work many days on the face alone as each mermaid is created from scratch and the face is the most difficult part since each face is unique.

At this poing usually 4 or 5 months have lapsed and when the clay figure is done it can be molded so that we can create more of the product.

It doesn’t stop there though…
The item is reproduced and each different finish is completely hand applied. The mold sometimes is in different pieces and needs to be attached and sanded…then the proper finish is applied for the final item to be made. In another blog I will talk about how different finishes are applied
So there you have it! Now you know many hours,days,weeks,andmonths go into each and every item I create and design! Thanks for reading…I will continue to dream up cool stuff for you to enjoy!