26″ H Shipwreck Finish Wall Mount Mermaid Mirror


  • Mirror with enchanting underwater ocean scene and mermaid
  • Measures approx. 22″W x 26″H x 3.5″D.
  • Hang with key-hole opening on back.
  • Hand crafted from fiberglass resin with a hand applied shipwreck finish.
  • Iron and bronze go through special aging process that gives bronze a teal patina and iron rust spats to make item appear as if it has been underwater.

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This 26″H Mermaid Mirror Shipwreck Finish Wall Mount would make a stunning addition to any room in your home. This item is made of lightweight, sturdy fiberglass resin. EXCLUSIVE process designed only by our company. Hand rubbed bronze and iron with a special aging treatment resulting in a beautiful patina that looks as if it’s been sitting at the bottom of the ocean floor for 100 years! Because of the nature of our technique, each mermaid is somewhat different than the next! Measures approx. 26”h x 22”w x 3.5”d. This piece is suitable for both indoors and outdoors, however, if outdoors, the piece will dull naturally over time. Mounts easily to the wall using the provided mounting holes in the back. Place this item in your bar, beach house, or in any other nautical themed room you can imagine.