16” Solid Brass Heavy Porthole Window 5.25” Deep Flange – Functioning


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This 16″Dia Solid Brass Heavy Porthole Window with 5.25″ Deep Flange would make a great addition to any room in your home. This item is made of solid brass and measures 16″Dia. Shiny polished brass finish gives this item a high quality look. The window viewing area measures approx. 9 5/8″Dia. Quality hinge and weather seal. This extra deep porthole has been designed exclusively for interior and exterior walls, its 5.25″ deep flange is perfect for mounting inside walls, 11 3/8″ Outer Diameter flange makes easy for installation, each porthole comes with a 2″ wide exterior trim ring, which bolts through to the porthole front plate, and leaves you with a professional finished look. This is an opening porthole window with functional dog ears. Weighs approx. 26.5 pounds. Overall width with dogears is approx. 8 3/8″W. These portholes also make great accent windows between rooms on interior walls, or on outer walls for that perfect nautical look! *Note: The interior opening porthole window comes with glass, the outer trim ring does not have glass.* This porthole window has glass, not a mirror.*