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Interior Porthole windows 3
Decorate with an Island or Beach Decor, and bring a bit of Paradise Home.

All of these portholes open, however these are decorative portholes and are not made for regular openings
...great for that nautical window feel at a savings over the heavy ports. 

Please contact us by e-mail for any questions on these quality ports.

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Porthole Windows, porthole windows, porthole scenes, and more!

11.5" Square Porthole Window with Metallic Finish- $64.95

This Square Porthole Window is a perfect accessory for hanging in any nautical home. Measures 11.5" x 11.25"


    All portholes are flush mounted and open on this page. 
Note: You need to supply your own mounting screws or bolts for most portholes depending on your mounting surface.
All basic dimensions are overall for the port and not the Window/glass size unless indicated.

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porthole Windows 2
           Interior porthole windows 3
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porthole scenes 6

Fiberglass resin porthole Windows and windows in many colors 7

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